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Clear Directional is an oilfield services corporation, focused on providing directional drilling solutions to the energy industry.

Its' comprised of a team of industry recognized professionals, using a "PhD" approach - Passion - about what they do, Hard Work - striving to meet clients needs, and Determination - in providing a consistent quality of service time after time.

Our dedicated team is focused on service quality from all aspects of the directional process.

We work closely with our clients to understand their objectives, from the geological play, production utilization, and wellbore placement, to final total depth of well.

     Passion - Hard Work - Determination



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Our Work

               Throughout Western Canada and the Northwest United States of America Clear has successfully drilled numerous horizontal and directional wells. Please click on the province/state of interest to see what drilling fields/target formations Clear Directional excels in.

Areas of special note where a significant number of wells have been drilled are Swan Hills, Beaverhill Lake formation, Waskada, Amaranth/Spearfish formation, Cochrane, Cardium formation, Olds/Garrington, Viking and Ellerslie formation, Kaybob, Dunvegan formation, Evi/Otter, Slave Point formation, South East Saskatchewan, and Provost.


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This section has been designed as an informative forum to access everyday useful information on equipment, well planning, land survey systems, conversion tables, guidelines and various online field calculators. Along with the various reference material, you can also find information on our Area Statistics and Drilling Curves highlighting the work we have performed through out North America.

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Area Statistics

Clear Directional has extensive history and knowledge of numerous drilling locations in Western Canada and the United States of America. Shown below is a sample of our areas of experience.  

Drilling Statistics
Area Drilling Curves

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